Many Uses Company Credit Card and Racks Up Charges

A Wichita Falls man is accused of stealing more than $20,000 by misusing his company credit card.  This includes racking up more than $10,000 at a gentleman's club.

Anthony Morgan-Hobbs is charged with theft over $20,00 and under $100,000.

According to the arrest affidavit:

A representative of Frontier Pro Services, a wind-power service company, reported the 30-year-old had used a company credit card without authorization.  The representative gave police the credit card statements showing Morgan-Hobbs had amassed just over $20,000 in charges between February 16th and March 22nd.

The largest charge on the credit card was at the Maximus nightclub in Wichita Falls, totaling $10,666.75.  A detective who was assigned to the case talked with the manager at the gentleman's club.  The manager explained he knew the suspect and that he had actually charged more than $15,000 at the club.

An employee of the company was also contacted and they told investigators he had accompanied Morgan-Hobbs to the club with other co-workers.  He explained that the suspect bought rounds of drinks for everyone at the bar.  In addition, another co-worker said he had loaned money to Morgan-Hobbs to pay an outstanding warrant out of Decatur.  However, the statements from the company card, show he paid $963.30 to the city of Decatur.  Another co-worker said Morgan-Hobbs borrowed money to get his wedding ring out of a pawn shop.  He did this in exchange for new tires of the co-worker's truck.  The employee said he was unaware the company card was used to purchase those tires.  That totaled nearly $3,500 at Firestone.

Other charges included Home Depot, Champs, motel/hotel charges, PayPal and more.  In total, there were 11 charges.  The affidavit shows the total amount was $20,372.46.