Wichita Falls' Own Big Brother 17 Star

Wichita Falls' own James Huling is home from his prime time debut on Big Brother 17, and America is in love.

Huling, 31, was a player on the CBS show Big Brother 17. He spent 3 months with a group of 16 strangers in a  house outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones.
     The group is completely cut off from the outside world and every move is recorded. 
     One by one the houseguests  vote each other out, with the hope of being the last man or woman standing.
     Huling said he was online when he spotted the opportunity to apply.

" I was sitting at my computer desk and I had some downtime. I saw if you are unique, diverse we need you! Apply! I was like 'OK', let me check this out because I have all of those qualities" said James Huling.

The winner of the show takes home $ 500,000, so Huling saw the chance to play as an opportunity to gain financial stability for him and his little girl.
     He won the first Head of Household of the season, lots of competitions and title of Best Prankster.
     Huling said in the house that has no contact with the outside world, your imagination is put to the test.
     " When it comes to boredom you think of some crazy games. Things we would never do on the outside world," he said.      
    Because the plotting and playing the game can get tough at times. 
     "As the weeks progress you build relationships, you like people, you build alliances. Everyone is telling you they are your friend. But you can't really trust that. You actually learn a little bit about yourself. What you are willing to do for a half a million dollars and what you are not willing to do," said James.

Another thing he took away from the show was a lifelong friend, a relationship America watched unfold from their living room.
          While the playful charm didn't earn him the big money, it did garner him $25,000 and a lot of love from America when they picked him as their favorite player. 
     "When Julie called out my name I was shocked and was like, 'wow!'" said Huling. "Ultimately, it was an honor to be Americas favorite and I couldn't be any happier about it."
          To thank Wichita Falls for being so supportive of James, he put together a Big Brother meet and greet for Texoma on October 16, 2015. 
     James, Meg, Jackie, Jeff & Clay will be at the Whisketah from 7pm to 11pm.

Ashley Fitzwater, Newschannel 6