Riverside Cemetery Expansion Approved

Plans to expand the Riverside Cemetery in Wichita Falls are moving forward.  City officials said it’s something they have been working on for nearly 25 years.

On Tuesday morning, Wichita Falls city council members awarded the professional services agreement for preparation of construction for the first phase of the project to EDA Land planning.

The expansion will be both within the existing cemetery and into the acquired land adjacent to Riverside on the east side of Cliff Street.

“The construction documents may take six to nine months to complete and then it it’s acceptable, we’ll advertise for bid for the construction of phase one of Riverside Cemetery expansion and that may take another none months or so to complete,” Jack Murphy, Director of Parks and Recreation said.

The purpose for the expansion is to provide more cemetery space for the residents of Wichita Falls.  Murphy said they receive several calls a week, but have to tell the residents the cemetery is full.  The other reason for the project is to generate more revenue that will put the city’s cemetery operation in a financial position to where it will be self-sufficient.  This would make it so officials wouldn’t have to rely on the general fund each year.