Orbitz: This Week Considered Best Week To Book Flights For The Holidays

Orbitz: This Week Considered Best Week To Book Flights For The Holidays

Wichita Falls, TX - A travel study by Orbitz.com says this week is considered the best time for you to book flights for the upcoming holidays.

The online travel website conducted a survey and 71 percent of people surveyed said they plan to travel for Thanksgiving, Christmans, and/or New Years. And 30 percent said have already booked a flight or hotel stay for one of those holidays.

If you booked a ticket on Tuesday to travel for Thanksgiving, you likely received the best deal possible for your flight.

The best day to book Christmas airfare Thursday, Oct. 8 and New Year's Eve, Friday, Oct. 9.

AAA Texas Spokesperson Doug Shupe told Newschannel 6 there are no specific dates airfare is cheaper and there is no way of knowing when you will find cheaper tickets, so book early.

"Know during the holiday season the kids are going to be out of school. Everybody is going to be traveling around the same time. So there is going to be some competition for those airfares," said Shupe.

He offered the following advice to help book and save on holiday travel:

- Book you flight early

- Check for flights frequently

- Sign up for airfare price alerts

- Try to be flexible when traveling

Shupe also said before booking your flight check the airline sites individually and consult with a local travel agent, because they may be able to provide you with even more savings.

Travel experts say before you buy your flight ticket, check to see if there are any additional fees. Some airlines don't charge for checked bags or carry on's, but others do.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6