That City Show

That City Show

WICHITA FALLS, TX - A new way to find out about community events in Texoma is coming to the airwaves Thursday.

It's called 'That City Show' and it's put on by the City of Wichita Falls. The first show will premiere on Thursday,  October 8th at 6:30 PM.

The show's hosts, Barry Levy and Eric Crosslin, both work for the city's Public Information Office and say they can't wait to show the public what their show is all about.

"We've got some great news that we are going to provide about our new utility billing system and an award the city won," Host Barry Levy said. "We are going to talk about some water issues. We're bringing in Lindsay Greer from the Convention Visitors Bureau to talk about exciting things happening as far as events and conventions. Henry Florsheim is going to come in and talk about economic development and why he's exciting about several different projects going on in the city."

The mayor is also expected to make an appearance on Thursday's premiere.

"People can see this all around the world and when they see this show we want them to look at it and go 'Wow, Wichita Falls is a really happening place,'" Levy said. "Then maybe they will stick around and watch, listen and learn something about Wichita Falls and continue to tune in."

The $11,000 studio is described as a retro, modern, warehouse look.  It's located in Municipal Auditorium and was completely paid for by Time Warner Cable.

Levy said he hopes the community won't only watch the show, but get involved in it as well.

"We are going to have an email address where they can send us ideas and  questions and we will have a phone line set up where they can do the same thing," Levy said.

New shows will air every Thursday evening at 6:30.

Here's how you can watch:

1. Tune in to City Channel 11, WFTV, on Time Warner Cable

2. The City's Facebook page

3. The City's Youtube Channel- cityofwichitafalls (no spaces)

4. The City's website-