“Bras for the Cause” Event

Breast cancer survivors are banking on a different type of event to help raise money for research.
Customers who use the First National Bank of Wichita Falls will see something aimed at helping those much needed funds.  It’s called “Bras for the Cause” event.
The back has a decorative display of bras.  Designs include the wise old owl and the cowgirl complete with holsters and six shooters.
The public is encouraged to stop by and vote for their favorite design and donate money.
“I’m a breast cancer survivor,” Barbara Harmon said, “We have another breast cancer survivor here in the bank.  So, if you talk to people one on one, pretty much everyone you talk to has a story about someone with breast cancer.  Either in their family, or a friend.  So, it touches a lot of people.”
The event will continue until Friday, October 9th.  It goes on from 9:00a.m. until 5:00p.m.  All of the funds raised will benefit the Susan G. Komen of North Texas.