Clay County Memorial Ambulances Don "Divine Decals"

Clay County Memorial Ambulances Don "Divine Decals"

In the last few months, numerous North Texas police departments and sheriff's offices have placed decals reading "In God We Trust" on their patrol vehicles. 

As of Wednesday, those decals have spread from law enforcement units to ambulances in Clay County.

Clay County Memorial Hospital is the first hospital in Texoma to put "In God We Trust" decals on their ambulances. 

C.C.M.H. staff said it's all to show support for local law enforcement. 

No EMTs or hospital personnel were allowed to talk to us on camera. 

They did tell us, however, that this act is a sign of togetherness towards an agency (Clay County Sheriff's Office)  they work closely with every day, and a gesture that shows the hospital has law enforcement's back.

Clay County Memorial is a public hospital, but no taxpayer or hospital money was used to purchase the "In God We Trust" stickers. The three decals were donated by a citizen of Henrietta last week.

Although some controversy regarding the separation of church and state has accompanied the decals on law enforcement vehicles, the response to the stickers on Clay County Memorial ambulances on Facebook has been positive.

However, the decals have only been up for two days.

Clay County Memorial has three ambulances, and two of those vehicles already have "In God We Trust" on them. Hospital personnel is still trying to figure out the location for the decal on the third ambulance.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6