Optical Awareness

Optical Awareness

Blue light used in LED screens on computers, phones, and TV's could be doing damage to your eyes. John Hayley of Hayley Eye Clinic said that there is still very little that tells eye doctors how much or little damage this blue light can do.

"We know blue light has more power in it. So it can cause something called oxidative stress in certain parts of the eye the retina for example. People make the link and rightfully so that you have an increase of that disease getting worse," said Hayley.

However, while blue light might be damaging to some it could be beneficial to others.

"There has been some research that the blue light actually can help prevent myopia (nearsightedness)," said Hayley.

Right now Hayley said that the jury is still out on whether blue light can cause significant damage.

"As with anything in early research it feels like we are getting two different ideas, one that it helps one that it hurts," said Hayley.

Although blue light and the impact it has on eyes it still debated Hayley said it's not a bad idea to limit to a certain extent how much blue light exposure is part of our everyday life.
Jack Carney, Newschannel 6