Peruvian Horse Show In WF

Peruvian Horse Show In WF

Horses that at one point could be found only in Peru trotted into Wichita Falls this weekend. The North American Peruvian Horse Association is holding their national show at the J.S. Birdwell Agricultural Center in downtown between 9th-11th of October. Pamela Castaneda is one of the event organizers, Castaneda brought her horse and she also helped bring her association's national show for the animals to the Texoma region.

"I actually grew up in Iowa Park, so I'm familiar with Wichita Falls. I have a lot of family here still they helped they made some suggestions to me since they still live here. They said you should try looking into the MPEC Center," said Castaneda.

The animals were initially bred only in Peru for 500 plus years. It was once a form of elegant transportation for those who live in Peru.

"They were bred in Peru years and years and years ago to be traveling horses to go long distance in comfort," said Castaneda.

In fact the horses are more than just comfortable they are good for your health, just ask Marianne Rogers of Holliday, Texas.

"My back doctor told me that I could not ride a horse anymore. I have degenerative disc disease I have disabling arthritis all up my back and I have had to have two major back surgeries," said Rogers.

Since her two surgeries Rogers has switched over to riding the Peruvian Horses and she said there have been health benefits.

"They do not bother my back at all, I just had my six year check up and my doctor said my back is in phenomenal condition," said Rogers.

While admission is free for all ages. Castaneda said that the NAPHA will put half of the money donated during special events will towards Disabled American Veterans.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6