Texomans Take Part in 21st Race For The Cure

Texomans Take Part in 21st Race For The Cure

A sea of pink could be seen covering the parking lot of the MPEC in Wichita Falls Saturday morning. Many showed up in creative tutus, special t-shirts and even head dresses of sorts for the 21st Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure.

“Last night we had 1,400 registered and we hope to have somewhere near 1,700 by the end of registration today,” Mark Henderson, Race Chair said.

Some were volunteering while others were there to support family members. But the women seen in pink shirts were those who battled breast cancer and won.

            “I was diagnosed this year with it, and a lot of the treatments that I’ve been able to have, have been because of Komen and all that they’ve done for raising funds for research and medication,” Rachel Archer, Honorary Co Chair said.

            A wife and mother of two, Rachel is winning her fight with breast cancer at the age of 35. While she has completed chemotherapy, she still has treatments and some surgical procedures ahead of her.

            Many families cannot imagine this happening to their loved ones, and while Rachel said her fight has been really hard, it’s also been very amazing as well.

            “I feel like I’ve never felt so cared for and loved as I have now and I’ve kind of found out some amazing things about myself,” Archer said.

            Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women other than skin cancers. With odds stacked the way they are, many said this is what has kept them coming back to volunteer year after year.

            “We do it to support the survivors and that’s really the reason we’re here, and that’s the reason I keep volunteering,” Henderson said.

            At last year’s Race For The Cure $125,000 was raised and organizers hope to hit that mark again this year. But what Rachel’s goal is for those battling breast cancer is to keep hope.

            “I know it’s hard. I know that you can make it. It is a fight, but it’s worth fighting,” Archer said.

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