4 Tips To Better Protect Your Phone

4 Tips To Better Protect Your Phone

WICHITA FALLS, TX - October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and local cell phone experts say it's a good time to make sure your cell phone is secure from hackers.

As hackers become more sophisticated, it's important to realize potential problems and protect your personal information.

Terry McAdams with MacTech Solutions in Wichita Falls says banking and credit card information can be stolen from a mobile device, so use password protection.

"The first thing I would have you do is put a pass code on it," McAdams said. "That is the first line of defense. If you're only going to do four digits it's better than nothing but, if you're going to do even longer that makes it more secure. If your phone has the touch ID, like on the iPhone, I would certainly enable that for your thumbprint or finger print as well."

McAdams also says to not use the same password for different tasks. However, multiple passwords can get confusing. McAdams suggest using password managers like DashLane, 1Password or LastPass.

"In order to manage passwords a lot of people use the Notes app on their phone," McAdams said. "It's not secure and it's not encrypted. You should look into a password manager. Those are secure. Those are actually encrypted files."

To better protect your computer, tablet and cell phone here are a few tips from the Better Business Bureau:

Protect personal information - Create unique and creative passwords for each account and change your passwords frequently.

Connect with caution - Be cautious when using public Wi-Fi, these networks are not secure.

Share with care - Check privacy settings on social media. Never post personal details anywhere online.

Secure smartphones - Pay attention to cell phone bills. Unauthorized charges and increased data usage may indicate the phone has been hacked.