Bowie Memorial Hospital Hosts Town Hall Meeting

Bowie Memorial Hospital Hosts Town Hall Meeting

In two weeks the fate of Bowie Memorial Hospital will be in the hands of the residents.

A town hall meeting was held Tuesday night  to discuss the hospital's authority action plan. National and state speakers were in attendance to discuss the reimbursement and financial issues facing rural hospitals...

"We know that for emergencies that golden hour is incredibly important," said Brock Slabach with the National Health Rural Association. "We want to make sure you get care for stabilization and possibly transfer as quickly as possible because that can be very instrumental in helping to save lives.

The board for Bowie Memorial Hospital says its committed to a tax rate that will not exceed 17 cents regardless of the 2016 assessments. However, at the polls next month voters will vote on a tax rate not to exceed 40 cents per 100 dollar valuation.

It's the uncertainty of a rate that's fueling the fire for the vote "No BMH Bailout" group. For more on that part of the story click here.

Speculation surrounding the future of the North Texas hospital has some Texomans on edge. Click here for reaction from Bowie residents.

Voting for a new tax district will be on the November 3 ballot.