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AT&T is Keeping Families Connected During Tropical Depression Patricia

     AT&T is allowing customers to contact loved ones affected by Tropical Depression Patricia without facing additional fees.
     "Bringing families together, keeping families connected during this terrible time, that is our goal,"  AT&T Senior Public Relations Manager Charles Bassett said. 
     Since Friday, October 23rd until November 5th customers will not be charged additional fees for text messages or international long distance usage from AT&T phones from the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands to Mexico. 
     "We see these people have been affected by this terrible storm. We want to make sure that they can contact family. That they can contact loved ones, and they should not be worried about; Am I going to get extra fees, am I going to get these roaming charges," Bassett said. 
     Residents in Texoma are pleased the service is being offered to AT&T customers. 
     "I think that it's great they're allowing them to talk to their families without making them pay all the extra money, because this is a bad time for them and they need to get in contact with their families," Lauren Miller of Burkburnett said. 
     Officials said this applies to all calls and texts placed by AT&T wireless customers and GoPhone prepaid wireless customers as well as any direct dial calls made by the company's wireline and U-verse voice customers to Mexico. 
     Wireless customers roaming in Mexico will not be charged for calls or text messages back to the U.S. until November 5th. 
     "I was in the '79 tornado and I know how important that is to be able to reach your family. You know that they're feeling very anxious to hear about your welfare, if you're okay. So I think it's a very generous thing that they're doing," Ladonna Clubb of Wichita Falls said. 

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