Sheriff Support

Sheriff Support

Wives of The Wichita County Sheriff's Office gathered just outside the Kay Yeager Coliseum to show support for those who serve in law enforcement.

There were pictures taken of the WCSO wives holding signs with encouraging words of support for their spouses and the jobs they do.  Nationally, there have been 101 law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty.

"It is really not just a need.  It is to show that our husbands and our families, you know, we are behind you, and especially what has happened in the last year, so they just need to feel supported, and I would just like everybody to see that we do stand behind them.  We are humans, too.  I mean, they are good people," said Abby Brown, wife of Wichita County K-9 Supervisor Josh Brown.

Some of the signs did reference God. The WCSO will soon add "In God We Trust" logos on the back of their cars.  Wichita County Sheriff David Duke spoke about why he believes the new logos would not blur the lines of separation of church and state.

"That is a bunch of nonsense to me.  I know what God stands for, and I know what the church and state separation is, and putting a logo on a vehicle is not a violation of the constitution," said Sheriff Duke.

You can learn about the dangers that the WCSO and other law enforcement agencies across the nation by clicking the link below.

Law Enforcement Line Of Duty Deaths In 2015

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6