BBB Launches Scam Tracker

BBB Launches Scam Tracker

The Better Business Bureau has launched Scam Tracker. It is a handy feature to help residents report scams and stay informed about scams targeting our area.

Whether it's a fake check scam, the IRS robo call imposter scam, or something else, this new online tool lets the world know about it.

BBB Scam Tracker is designed to monitor and track fraudulent activity, both locally and across north America. All that you have to do is go to

Consumers have the option of filing a report or learning about scams and suspicious activity other people in the area have reported to Better Business Bureau.

This new BBB Scam Tracker greatly expands our window to the world as far as schemes targeting other regions and things we need to be monitoring closely. It also gives people the ability to see where scams are occurring nationally and allows them to search for fraudulent activity by keyword or within a certain time frame. The data collected through these reports will be shared with law enforcement.