Worker Turned Hero: Seymour TxDOT Worker Saves Texoman's Life

Worker Turned Hero: Seymour TxDOT Worker Saves Texoman's Life

Craig Hostas has worked at the Seymour TxDOT Office for ten years.

Usually his work ranges from plugging potholes to closing causeways. 

However, on May 21st, while closing roads due to major flooding in Archer County, he did something that's definitely not in his job description. 

Hostas pulled up on that May morning to find the entire area along FM 368 completely underwater. He saw car lights, basically submerged in the distance. Without even thinking, he sprung into action, wading towards the pickup that was completely flooded out on the side of the road.

"There was an individual inside the pickup," Hostas remembered. "And I helped him out, and we waded back to my pickup, and I took him to his cabin."

That individual inside the pickup was Mike Terry, who was out on the roads trying to help a neighbor, before he needed help himself. 

Hostas coached Terry along, promising to pick him up and carry him if necessary. 

Later, Hostas learned that Terry had cancer, and was going through chemotherapy treatments at the time. He was too weak and too cold to open the door. 

If not for Hostas, Terry would have lost his life. 

When Hostas pulled up to Terry's cabin after saving him, Terry's wife swore that Hostas was the spitting image of her son, who died in 2009. 

For his heroic actions, Hostas received the Extra Mile Award, given to TxDOT employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. 

Hostas, refusing to call himself a hero, is just glad Terry is doing well.
"I wasn't expecting all of this," he said, "it's just another day of doing what we all do, and trying to help when we can."

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6