Traffic Accident on I-44

Traffic Accident on I-44

There was a traffic collision just after midnight Friday morning.

It happened on Northbound I-44 headed towards Burkburnett shortly after midnight.

D.P.S. Troopers say a Ford Mustang and Chevy Tahoe were traveling the same direction on the highway. The vehicles came into contact causing the mustang to spin out and veer off the road past the shoulder into the ditch.

The driver, who apparently sustained a head injury, was sent to the hospital to be checked out.

Law enforcement caught up with the driver of the Tahoe a quarter of a mile up the road at a rest stop.

No word yet on if either of the drivers will face any criminal charges.

The arrest on the scene was not any of the passengers from any of the vehicles involved in the collision. Police allegedly arrested the husband of the driver of the Tahoe. When he arrived on scene police took him in on unrelated warrants.