Keeping Dollars In Wichita County

Keeping Dollars In Wichita County

Wichita Falls, TX- Wichita County lost out on 1.4 million dollars of revenue in local sales tax in 2014.

Instead of sales tax being spent in the county going to the county it went to the state.

Newschannel six talked with Lee Harvey, Wichita County Commissioner Precinct No. 2 about how the county is trying to keep that money here. however, before the county can do that, residents who live outside city limits have to vote in favor of establishing the Wichita County Assistance District.

Last year, the county did not balance its budget. in order to fund some projects it had to dip in its reserves.

Harvey, who spearheaded this measure to place on the November ballot, said this source of funding could help get the County back on track.

According to Commissioner Harvey, in 2014 the state comptroller said out of $70,174,357 of taxable sales collected out in the county, $1.4 million would have stayed here if they would have established a County Assistance District.

"That's two cents on our property tax rolls. that's huge," said Commissioner Harvey. "That money just being forwarded to an unallocated fund in Austin and sitting there for a couple of years doesn't do the people of Wichita County any good. so we need to vote yes for the County Assistance District and bring those tax dollars home."

So far five Texas counties have done it. Commissioner Harvey hopes after Nov. 3 Wichita County will become the sixth in the state to capitalize off of sales tax dollars that would otherwise sit at the state level and be dumped into the general fund after two years.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6