Phase 2: Blue Bell Ice Cream Returns To Texoma

Phase 2: Blue Bell Ice Cream Returns To Texoma

Wichita Falls, TX - The Blue Bell Blues is over in Texoma.

On Monday, the Texas Creamery entered phase two of its return back to store freezers. Customers in north central Texas and southern Oklahoma can finally indulge tasty treat.

Blue Bell trucks made their first stop at Market Street in Wichita Falls just before 4 a.m. Workers stocked up about six freezer cases with half gallons, pints and cups of five different flavors: Homemade Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, The Great Divide, Buttered Pecan, and Cookie's' 'N Cream.

For several months, fans of the brand could not get their hands on a gallon because of a listeria outbreak that made ten people sick and three died as a result. 
The company responded by recalling about eight million gallons of ice cream. 23 states.

After pulling its product, the company shut down production and laid off its employees. It also began to undergo tests in an effort to fix the deadly health concern and return back to store shelves. The company went back into production in late summer.

Customers that picked up a gallon Monday morning hope its return is a sign of "the good old days."

"It's great. They are a few things in life that are really great and Blue Bell ice cream is one of them. We really missed it. I got out of bed this morning just to come to Wichita Falls to get Blue Bell ice cream," said Rick Ramsey, the first customer to buy Blue Bell ice cream at Market Street. Rick traveled about 25 miles from Byers, Texas.

Management at Market Street said right now there is no limit on the ice cream customers can buy.

Blue Bell will also be stocking up freezers at the Walmart as well.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6