Campus Carry

Campus Carry

Midwestern State University is seeking input on a future law that will allow for more guns on campus.  Only a handful of people showed up to express their concerns on Senate Bill 11, a bill that allows Concealed License Holders to bring their guns inside public and private university campus buildings.

Doctor Laura Fidelie is a professor of Criminal Justice at Midwestern State University, but she also is part of the Campus Carry Task Force.

"We want to know what the thoughts are of the campus community and the community at large and use those in making recommendations to the president," said Dr. Fidelie.

MSU set up a forum to give students, teachers, faculty, staff and members of the public a chance to comment or question the university about what buildings, areas, or events should be CHL and gun free.

"Everyone has an opportunity to come in and sign in if they would like to speak. Once they go in, they will have two minutes to tell the force just what their thoughts are, and how they think the campus carry law can be best implemented to make the MSU campus the safest place possible," said Dr. Fidelie.

Many seemed to favor the new CHL laws, but at least one spoke about his concerns that more guns could mean more danger. The new law also gives individual universities the ability to establish rules and regulations regarding concealed carry on campus, so long as those regulations do not "generally prohibit" concealed carry of handguns on campus. Fidelie said no new rules will be written tonight, but the first drafts could be available in January of 2016.

If you want to make your voice heard on this issue, you can head to the link below to take the MSU Campus Carry survey.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6