Area VFDs Receive Assistance

Area VFDs Receive Assistance

The Texas A&M Forest Service conducted the first Funding Meeting for fiscal year 2016 on October 7, 2015, and during that meeting, approximately $15.8 million in grants were awarded to Texas volunteer fire departments. Here is a list of area departments that received funding.

Volunteer Fire DepartmentEquipment Cost
Archer City VFDTENDER$200,000.00 
Bellevue VFDBRUSH TRUCK SMALL $100,000.00 
Bowman Community VFDFIRE EQUIPMENT$8,809.00 


Burkburnett VFDRESCUE EQUIPMENT $15,000.00  
Charlie/Thornberry VFDRESCUE EQUIPMENT $15,000.00 
Childress VFDBRUSH TRUCK (LARGE)$200,000.00 
City of Graham FDSLIP ON UNIT $20,000.00 
Forestberg VFDTENDER$200,000.00 
Holliday VF&R SLIP ON UNIT $20,000.00  
Iowa Park VFDBRUSH TRUCK (LARGE)$200,000.00 
Joy VFD SLIP ON UNIT $20,000.00 
Kaymay VFD STRUCTURAL GEAR$8,400.00 
Loving VFDRESCUE EQUIPMENT $15,000.00 
Montage VFDBRUSH TRUCK SMALL $100,000.00 
Murray VFDFIRE EQUIPMENT$6,525.00 
Nocona Lake Estates VFDFIRE EQUIPMENT$ 6,180.00 
Nocona Rural VFDBRUSH TRUCK (LARGE)$200,000.00 
Petrolia VFDSLIP ON UNIT $20,000.00 
Saint Jo VFDTENDER$200,000.00 
Sunset VFDSTRUCTURAL GEAR $7,092.00 
Vashti VFDSTRUCTURAL GEAR $8,400.00 
Woodson VFDFIRE EQUIPMENT$15,000.00 

The Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program assists volunteer fire departments with the purchase of equipment and training. Beginning September 1, 2015, grant funds are set at approximately $24.3 million annually.