WFISD Official Talks Online Threat

WFISD Official Talks Online Threat

A post on a social media site lead to a sweep of a Wichita Falls elementary school on Wednesday.

By the time students arrived, police and W.F.I.S.D. Security officers had already swept the entire Milam Elementary building and the school's parking lot.

The search didn't turn up any credible threats, but the W.F.P.D. have launched an investigation into finding the person(s) involved in posting the comment to a Milam teacher's social media web page.

Meanwhile, Milam officials sent letters home with each student informing parents of what happened.

W.F.I.S.D. Communications Officer, Ashley Thomas, during an exclusive interview with Newschannel 6 said, all the proper steps were taken to ensure student safety, and although today's threat was not legitimate the I.S.D. will continue to make sure that students are safe everyday they are on their campuses.

"There was nothing in the school. Nothing in the parking lots that should concern parents or put a child's safety in jeopardy in school, therefore there was no evacuation, there was no harm to the students at school today," said Thomas.

WFISD officials are working with the Cyber Crimes Unit of the WFPD as well as the administrators of the social media website to track down the author of the threat.

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