Veterans Honored With Parade

Veterans Honored With Parade

Saturday, Wichita Falls honored the brave men and women who have served the country through the military. A parade was held in downtown Wichita Falls around 11 a.m. that featured not only veterans, but also many city leaders, high school ROTC, marching bands, cub scouts, girl scouts and many other local organizations.

Gary Byrd, a retired Air Force veteran, could be seen in the parade collecting pieces of candy with his 3 year old grandson Jason.

"This is the first one he has been to he is having a lot of fun picking up that candy," said Byrd.

While his grandson did seem to be having fun Byrd said he might be too young to fully realize the scope of what Veteran's Day really means. Byrd said if he could talk to his future grandson, he would talk about the significance of this day.

"Just to never forget that freedom, something we take for granted a lot of the time, is not free somebody needs to serve needs to fill those roles that our nation needs," said Byrd.

Carl Gustafson is a former Vietnam Marine veteran who served in 1967 and 1968. Gustafson said that seeing so many community groups come together has given him a sense that the sacrifices he made are appreciated.

"It is a special event, it is a special day it is nice to see people coming out here not just for one veteran but for all veterans," said Gustafson.

During the parade a boy scout from a local pack handed him a special note.

"A young man just gave me this from pack 111 cub scouts and it says thank you and on the back it says thank you for all you have done," said Gustafson.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6