Italian Greyhound Workshop In Iowa Park

Italian Greyhound Workshop In Iowa Park

The city of Iowa Park hosted an Italian Greyhound Workshop for anyone interested in adopting one or more of the many "Iggy's" that were seized last last month after being found in poor condition. The dogs have remained in custody of the city and  are currently not available for adoption or foster care until the justice of the peace makes a decision on the case, possibly this week. City Manager Jerry Flemming said the purpose of the workshop is to help potential future owners realize what they could be undertaken should the animals become adoptable.

"We have had a lot of local people express interest in this particular breed we just want to make sure that we know what they are getting into so if someone is really serious about adopting a dog they know what some of the challenges are and what some of the rewards are of doing so," said Flemming.

Donna Bean and Tammy Gallagher are two proud "Iggy" owners who also volunteers for the Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue of Central and North Texas. The workshop lasted just over an hour and reviewed everything from health hazards, diet, exercise, and even what type of leash to use. Bean said that for anyone who was unable to attend the workshop, both she and the organization she works for are always open to helping future or current owners understand more about the animals should they have any questions.

"We are always ready to help and talk to people about Italian Greyhounds. We also have a website if you look for Italian Greyhound Rescue in Texas, we have a website that has lots of information. It has information about how to contact us and we are very willing to help you with problems, give you copies of our slides, just give you more information on whatever you want to know," said Bean.

For anyone else, owners and potential owners, who would like to know more about the Italian Greyhounds you can use the link below to reach the IGCA Rescue website or call Tammy at the number below.

Italian Greyhound Rescue Texas

Contact for Tammy Gallagher IGCA Rescue Representative Central and Northern Texas (940) 241-2407

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6