BBB Warns Public About Healthcare Scams

BBB Warns Public About Healthcare Scams

The BBB is warning consumers to be especially aware of healthcare scams during this time of year.

You see an ad on TV, telling you about a new law that requires you to get a new health care card. Maybe you get a phone call offering you big discounts on health insurance. Or they say they're from the government and need your Medicare number to issue you a new card.

Scammers follow the headlines. It's Medicare open season, and health care is in the news, so they work this into their script. Their goal?To get your Social Security number, financial information, and/or insurance number.

Take a minute and think before you talk:

Do you really have to get a new health care card?

Is that discounted insurance a good deal?

Is that "government official" really from the government?

The answer to all three is almost always: NO

If you spot a health care scam, please report it to BBB by calling 940-691-1172 or online at