Campus Connection: MSU's President Engaging With Students Through Social Media

Campus Connection: MSU's President Engaging With Students Through Social Media

Wichita Falls, TX - Midwestern State University's new president has only been on the campus about three months, but she is making quite the impression with students online.

In 140-characters or less, MSU President Dr. Suzanne Shipley is trying an unorthodox way to engage with students and it is through Twitter.

"I had it on my phone and I just saw that little bird, and I did not know what that was," said Dr. Shipley.

Two months ago, you could search her name and you would not be able to find her account, but it only took her attending an MSU football game to join the Twitterverse.

"A member of our board of regents came over and said, 'I wanted to tweet you and you're not on Twitter," said Dr. Shipley. 'That's right. I'm not on Twitter."

Before that game was over and with the help of her co-workers, she set up an account and tweeted this: "Great sound Midwestern State Golden Thunder Marching Band!" - And now she is hooked!

"I think I'm addicted. I tweet every single day. Every day I look at what students are doing that's interesting that I can take a picture of and then send a tweet," said Dr. Shipley.

At last check, Dr. Shipley had 262 followers and more than 50 tweets and counting.

While she enjoys the social interaction, she still prefers face-to-face communication with students. However, she admits tweeting can be an ice breaker.

"I think you're intimidating to students if you're a president," said Dr. Shipley. "So I really wanted to get in and connect on a younger level, so I felt like I had to get into their world."

She is embracing the new platform, whether it is tweeting out selfies' with students, pictures of her giving tours of the presidential home or cheering on MSU sports teams.

"I'm just somebody they know, not Dr. Shipley, President at Midwestern," said Dr. Shipley.

Follow Dr. Shipley @suzanneshipley1

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6