Interim Chief of Police Selected In Electra

Interim Chief of Police Selected In Electra

     Deputy Chief Michael Dozier was selected Tuesday as the Interim Chief of Police for the Electra Police Department. It comes more than a month after commissioners released former Chief of Police Michael Hopkins of duty.

Michael Dozier was actually hired on by former Chief Hopkins. He has been with the department since April 2014.

“As interim chief I’m not going to be doing anything differently than I have already been doing already,” Interim Chief of Police Michael Dozier. “We've moved the last year and a half with the department we are working as a team; we've got the same goals we've always had.”

However, the new title still comes with concern after commissioners removed the other two former police chiefs.

“Well that’s always a concern,” said Dozier. “Everyone wants job security. You come in here and you earn the citizens trust and you do your job and let God do the rest.”

However, earning the citizens trust isn't everything. In fact, residents are still fighting to get Chief Hopkins back on the force. One resident presented the commission with 120 signatures, of residents in support of former Chief Hopkins, almost a month ago.

Through an open records request Newschannel 6 found that during Hopkins time as chief of police two incidents were filed with the city. Documents show Hopkins had dinged a police unit and had failed to inform the city administrator before someone else reported the damage.

Hopkins also falsified his time sheet back on May 28, 2015, according to documents. The Chief’s time sheet did not account for the day he went home sick. However, the issue was quickly resolved, according to documents.

Those two incidents we found through an open records request actually happened three months before the commissioners relieved Michael Hopkins of duty.

During his time serving Electra he was never formally written up for the incidents, and there were never any formal complaints filed against him.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6