Manhunt Suspect Caught in Wichita County

Manhunt Suspect Caught in Wichita County

     Two people are behind bars after a manhunt in Wichita Falls Thursday. It started with a car chase in Montague County and ended after the car crashed in Wichita Falls.

One woman, now identified as Lauren Deming, was arrested while the other suspect took off on foot. The other suspect, now identified as John McCampbell, took off running, sparking a large manhunt.

“We did a manhunt all throughout this area, we were able to apprehend him over here on Parker Ranch Road,” said Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons.

However, the arrest didn’t come without help. An area employee said he knew of an area often overlooked.

“I was at work and police officers came over there looking for some guy. I told them to check back here in this trailer house and sure enough he was back there asleep.”

 McCampbell was found inside an abandoned trailer on Parker Ranch Road, however, hours before his capture he made a pit stop at a home nearby.

“He made contact with someone on Parker Ranch Road to give him a jacket and a blanket.

That someone was Doris Smith.

“I was just sitting in my house, I get up early, but this was like 7 o'clock, a knock came on my door and I answered it,” said Smith.  “This guy was very wet and very cold.”

That guy was John McCampbell wanted out of Florida.

“He said he was lost, could he come in and get warm,” said Smith. “I said ‘no I'm not comfortable with that but I’ll get you a blanket.’”

McCampbell sat outside her home wrapped in her blanket.

“I wasn't really concerned,” she said. “He didn't really look too mean or anything.”

 Looks can be deceiving; officials said McCampbell and Deming were wanted for beating and robbing a person in Florida.

McCampbell has been arrested eight different times since 2008, and Deming was arrested 19 different times. Many of those arrested stemmed from assault and thefts.

“Well when the sheriff's came by they said there was a man on the loose has anybody seen him, I said ‘yeah, he was here,’” said Smith.

Both McCampbell and Deming are facing charges of evading arrest, and theft.  

UPDATE: Wichita County Sheriff David Duke confirms the suspect has been caught. He was caught near Parker Ranch Road and Seymour Highway just before 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning.

WICHITA FALLS, T.X.--A manhunt is underway after a car chase that started in Clay County and ended in Wichita County Thursday morning.

The car chase started around 4:30 a.m. Thursday morning in Clay County. It ended around Kell West and FM 369 in a field around 5:30 a.m. and became a foot pursuit when the driver took off into a pasture.

Authorities have a female suspect in custody. They are still looking for the driver. Search dogs from Allred Prison have been called in to help with the search. DPS search helicopters have also been called in. The Wichita County Sheriff's Office, The Clay County Sheriff's Office, DPS and several other law enforcement agencies are searching for the man.

Be sure to stay with us as we continue to follow this developing story.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6