Congressman's Concerns

Congressman's Concerns

Texas Congressman Mac Thornberry visited Wichita Falls today and spoke about his Red River Private Property Protection Act, along with the Bureau of Land Management Lawsuit. Wichita County’s decision to join Clay County, Wilbarger County and private landowners in the lawsuit over tens of thousands of acres along The Red River was announced Thursday.

The lawsuit gives some Texoma residents another avenue to fight for the land that they have been paying taxes on for generations.

Congressman Thornbarry is glad Wichita County is now a plaintiff in the case, and

Wichita County Commissioners hope a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management will help push congressman Mac Thornberry's bill The Red River Private Property Protection Act, to a vote on the House floor.

Thornberry said the more people that get involved in resolving the issue, will help strengthen their case. “I think it is a good decision for the county to join. The Texas Public Policy Foundation has reached out to me to see if I want to file a brief and I may do that, but having both avenues to resolve this, using every means available, I think is a good thing to do,” said Congressman Thornberry.

Like the lawsuit some Texoma counties have joined, Thornberry said his bill won't cost the tax payers a dime. He also believes that if it's not passed other Texan’s land could be in danger. “If the Federal Government can come and take their land, they may come and take your land. Private property rights are a basic foundation of our society and economy, and they must be protected,” said Congressman Thornberry.  

No timetable has been announced as to when The Red River Private Property Protection Act is expected to hit the House floor, and if it does pass, then the Federal Government will have to survey the land and officially set a boundary between what is private property and what is government property for the first time in history
For more information on the Bureau of Land Management land grab visit and search BLM. 
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