High Speed Chase Lands Man Behind Bars

A high speed chase that started in Oklahoma landed one man behind bars in Wichita County.
Authorities said it started around 1:00a.m. on Saturday, when an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper tried to pull over the suspect for speeding.  After initiating the traffic stop, the driver sped off, eventually crossing the state line into Texas.
The Wichita County Sheriff’s Office took over the pursuit once they arrived.  They said the suspect reached up to speeds of 100mph.  During the pursuit he drove through parts of Wichita Falls.  Sheriff’s were able to stop the suspect by using spikes.  Once he drove over the spikes the two left tires lost air.  The vehicle came to a stop, but the suspect then took off on foot.  Eventually sheriff’s caught up to the suspect and he was placed under arrest.
The suspect has been identified as Steven Webb.  Sheriff’s said the vehicle he was driving appears to be stolen.  In addition, sheriff’s found several grams of methamphetamine in the vehicle along with scales.