Bolstering Burk's Bridge

Bolstering Burk's Bridge

            Today Wichita County Commissioners approved an agreement with Cornerstone Engineering to help estimate the cost to repair the bridge on Bohner Road.

During the floods last May the bridge was washed away, and county commissioners want to fix this problem once and for all.

The numbers regarding the cost of the project are expected to be drawn up in the next month.

                Commissioner of Precinct 2, Lee Harvey, hopes this major repair will be more cost effective than the numerous minor ones that have taken place in the past.

“I'm just glad that we are fixing it right instead of just patching it. It's washed out several times over the years,” said Harvey.

    “Three or four times we went out there and spent a lot of time and a lot of money, and we did not fix the problem, but this time FEMA is willing to work with us to fix it permanently so that we don't have this issue anymore,” said Harvey.

            Harvey estimates the work will cost about half a million dollars, and with the help of Texas Department of Transportation they conducted a hydrologist study to plan out the project. The study showed how much water the culverts could handle, and with the results, they came up with the solution to install three, ten foot, precast concrete boxes that will be good for a ten year flood.

     The county will have to come up with twenty percent of the cost, but Commissioner Harvey hopes this major repair will be cost effective and permanent.

            “Hopefully we can get it done at a very minimal cost to the county. Not only just to fix it, but actually to get it to where it won't wash out again,” said Harvey.    
            The next step is for contractors to bid on the project, which will not begin until the next couple of months.