The Bureau of Land Management Land Grab

The Bureau of Land Management Land Grab

            Three Texoma counties, a group of private land owners and a county sheriff have officially entered a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management. 

            Clay, Wichita and Wilbarger counties are suing the BLM regarding the land along the Red River, which both groups claim is theirs. The same land that has been private property for generations

                The director of the Center for the American Future at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Robert Henneke, held a briefing this morning discussing the lawsuit. He is representing the plaintiffs in this case, and he said the Federal Government refuses to survey the area and has not reached out to any of his clients regarding the land grab.

            “Neither during our participation or prior to our participation, when our clients were trying to work this out themselves, has BLM given any kind of answer as to why in 2008 they made this decision, what they're trying to do with this land or what their argument is for how they can claim all this land, that for the history of Texas has been private property.”

    Officials with the BLM said they remain committed to working with adjacent landowners, counties and other stake holders through an ongoing planning process to properly identify the extent of federal holdings in the Red River.

            They also said they share the interest of all parties in clarifying ownership and identifying appropriate management alternatives.

     Although Henneke disagrees, he said he would be willing to reach an agreement with the Federal Agency.

                “We certainly welcome the opportunity to sit down with the government's representatives and work out the correct and fair resolution to this suit.”

            No financial analysis has been done to determine the value of the land, but Henneke says the land means a lot to these families, much more than the numbers on any price tag.

            The BLM will be served this week, and then the Federal Agency will have 60 days to respond to the lawsuit.

            For all the latest updates on the lawsuit against the BLM go to and search land grab.

Danielle Malagarie Newschannel 6