ElectriCritters Begins Tonight

ElectriCritters Begins Tonight

The River Bend Nature Center in Wichita Falls will be opened Friday night from 6:30 - 8:30 for their annual ElectriCritters event. According to Jennica Lambert, Administrative Assistant at the RBNC, ElectriCritters is one of the biggest fundraising events that the non-profit puts on in the community every year.

"We have over 150 lighted displays throughout the facility and over 60,000 lights," said Lambert.

Each light display is sponsored by a local individual, organization, or company. The sponsors make a donation to the RBNC and then are able to choose the display that will bear the individual, organization, or company which they can also use as a tax write off.

Lambert hopes people will come to see more than just the beautiful light displays, she hopes they will also be willing to see the beauty in nature itself.

"There is native vegetation and native animals here," Lambert said. "We will teach you about why they are important so, instead of being frightened when you see a Bull Snake in nature you just say, hey it is a snake they eat a lot of vermin it is fantastic. You change that fear to appreciation and that is just something that you can't put a value on."

The event begins Friday, November 20 and runs until December 19. The cost is $4 in advance $5 at the door.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6