Multiple Drive By Shootings

Multiple Drive By Shootings

Following a shooting on Maurine Street in Wichita Falls, local law enforcement were called out to five drive-by shootings in town. Police told Newschannel 6 that the incidents could be connected.

The first of five drive-by shootings happened around 8:30 p.m. Friday. WFPD Officers found a car with bullet holes at 325 and Airport Drive.

The second shooting happened at 9:50 p.m. Gunfire was reported at an apartment complex on Professional Drive.

The third shooting happened  at the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Oriole Street. According to WFPD, around 8-10 shots were fired at a home around 10 last night. No one was injured.

Police also said 17 shots were fired at a Maplewood Avenue apartment complex. Again, no one was injured, but the apartment complex did sustain some damage.

Officials are unsure how many shots were fired at the fifth drive-by shooting at the intersection of Bandera Boulevard and Windthorst Road.  They said this shooting could be a retaliation shooting, in response to what occurred earlier on Oriole Street.

WFPD was not able to make any arrests, but they were able to confiscate the gun and car believed to have been used in the third shooting on Bandera and Windthorst.

We do not have any reports of injuries in any of the three drive-by shootings.

WFPD is expected to release a statement with more information soon.

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