Wichita Falls Area Food Bank Struggles

Wichita Falls Area Food Bank Struggles

The number of families in need is increasing across Texoma, and the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank is struggling to keep up with the demand for the holidays.

Representatives say they're seeing food go out just as quickly as it comes in.  Betsi Lujan says they're hoping the shelves don't stay like this for too much longer.

"It's definitely a reason to get a little bit nervous because we want to have enough food for everybody to go through Thanksgiving and Christmas," Lujan said.

The Wichita Falls Area Food Bank distributes to 12 counties and serves almost 75,000 people a year, and while that may sound like a lot, that number increases even more during the holidays.

"Right now, we are down 1,000 pounds a day from our retail donations," Lujan said.

But they are getting help from volunteers.  Special Coyotes from Wichita Falls High School came to help put together produce bags last week, and those bags go a long way, especially when people's budgets are stretched a little bit tighter during the holidays.

Lujan says sometimes, the room (cooler) is completely stacked with produce boxes.  Now, not so much.

"Sometimes there are people in need that don't ask for it.  We see our elderly and our children in the most need this time of year."

The food bank says they're always in need of low sodium vegetables, fruit cups, water and canned proteins like chicken and tuna.  You can drop off your donations Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Wichita Falls Food Bank, located on Midwestern Pkwy.