WF Comic Creator

WF Comic Creator

     When you think about comic books, Wichita Falls may not come to mind, but one local artist is trying to change all that.

     Comic creator and Wichita Falls native Chris Johnson already has a 90 page book available, and with the help of about 60 other artist from all over the world, he has created not only his own comic books but also his own company.

    It all started when Johnson’s mother brought a paper bag full of comics to the hospital for him when he was being treated for severe asthma, but little did she know every page would inspire and shape him into the man he is today.

      “It helped me get away from my situation. I think comic books can tell so many different stories, but more so than that, they can teach you things,” said Johnson.

          “Spider-Man taught me about responsibility, Batman taught me about tragedy, and that you can take tragedy and make something more out of it,” said Johnson.

     Johnson did exactly that.  

     He now publishes his own comic books, Anomalous Comics, and he has even gained support from some of his comic idols from Marvel.

     “Fabian Nicieza actually wrote the forward for our "Send in the Clowns" book. Tom DeFalco, a major Marvel editor for years, gave us an endorsement, and I got to put it on the cover, said Johnson.  

     When asked why he does it all, he responds without hesitation, his kids.

     “Christian and Olivia, they are the world to me. I want to leave something behind when I go, I want to leave something behind for them to be proud of,” said Johnson.

     Soon there will be one more piece of their dad’s art for them to be proud of, a children's book.

     Johnson does not want to spoil "Don't Be Afraid," but he says it will be out by March of 2016. Johnson has a long list of things he wants to do in his career, and he sees himself making cartoons and live- action work in the future. Although his biggest goal is to inspire others to believe that just because you are from a small town, does not mean you cannot have big dreams.
      Johnson not only produces comics but also posters, books and prints. He will be at the Dallas Comic-Con in June, but to get your hands on some of his work now just click the link below.
Danielle Malagarie,Newschannel Six