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Recipe For Safety

     No one wants turkey trouble this Thanksgiving, but according to State Farm Insurance Company, Texans have the most holiday cooking related fires and smoke claims in the country.

     The kitchen can get hectic during Thanksgiving, and with added company and stress there is room for error.

     Wichita Falls Fire Department officials along with State Farm Agents explain why cautious cooking is important, and they believe they have the recipe for safety.

     From 2005 to 2014, Texas alone had 39 Thanksgiving Day cooking related fires, and agent Darrel Walker stresses, out of every one thousand fire claims 43 percent of them are in the kitchen.

     “You have family and friends gathering around the kitchen, you have distractions, but you're using the same set of rules,” said Walker.

     Wichita Falls Fire Department’s Assistant Fire Chief Donald Hughes warns people they need to pay attention to what they are doing and who is around when preparing their holiday meal.

    “People working in the kitchen, they're cooking large meals, there's people who aren't use to cooking on an everyday basis,” said Hughes.

     The fire department estimates they will handle 20 to 30 turkey and kitchen incidents over the Thanksgiving weekend.

     Hughes adds many of them are due to turkey frying, but there are ways to keep you and your turkey safe.

    "Be careful if you are cooking outside especially if you are using grease, keep your pets and children away from everything,” said Hughes.

     He recommends three feet at the least.

     You also need to make sure your turkey is completely thawed out, and then fill the pot with grease before adding your turkey.

    “They usually overflow the pot or the grease is too full to put the turkey in there whether it's wet or not completely thawed, and it accelerates the grease and it overflows into the fire,” said Hughes.

      Frying turkeys are very popular, but make sure you do it about 15 to 20 feet from your house on solid ground or concrete and not on your back deck or anything that can burn.

      Darrel Walker from State Farm reminds us to keep the lid to your pots and pans nearby.     

      “Take that lid that you have beside the pan and slide it over the pan, and that will smother out the fire,” said Walker.

       He also reminds us when cooking indoors, you want to make sure your fire alarms are working, and are at least ten feet away from your kitchen to reduce false alerts.

       Wichita Falls Fire Department requests you to stay away from the fire unless you can cover it.

       They also want to remind people to never throw water on a grease fire because it can cause more damage.

       If more extreme measures are needed, make sure you use a fire extinguisher or exit the building and call your local fire department.


Danielle Malagarie Newschannel 6.




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