UPDATE: WFISD Redraws Attendance Boundary Lines

UPDATE: WFISD Redraws Attendance Boundary Lines

     The Wichita Falls Independent School District will see some minor changes in the attendance boundary lines for the next school year.

     The Board of Trustees voted five to six on the new zone changes at the special session meeting held at the Education Center Monday night.  

     Board members spent about an hour going over different boundary options, and it took much deliberation before the changes were finalized.

     During the meeting the W.F.I.S.D. looked at middle school and high school grade reports, they also discussed distributing the percentage of economically disadvantaged students among those campuses.

     Board members say the E.D. division is not only important for federal funds and specific programs, but it is extremely important for students.

     “It benefits the children who may come from an economically disadvantaged background to see the possibilities, and it also helps the children who come from a more affluent background to see the challenges somebody faces who is economically disadvantaged,” said Trey Sralla ,President of the Board.    

     Although the school district has drawn zoning lines, the option to choose the school your child attends will still be available.  

     Sralla said the Opt Out and Transfer Policy is important to the community and he wants students to be happy with their school along with the parents.
      W.F.I.S.D. said the finalized documents will be on their website and available to the public as soon as possible, and they want people to know the rezoning will have more of an effect on high schools.
    The School district Board of Trustee will hold their next administrative meeting in the next few weeks.
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