Castaway Cove Profits Up More Than 14,000 Percent

Castaway Cove Profits Up More Than 14,000 Percent

     After a rough season in 2014, the profits for Castaway Cove Waterpark are up more than 14,000 percent. The 2015 season report was released Tuesday at the Wichita Falls City Council Meeting.

     In 2014 park profits dwindled to $711.12, according to the report released by Castaway Cove Waterpark. That number was surpassed this year after ending with a profit of $100,459.82.

“It cost us about $70,000 last year to bring water to the park and that cuts off the profit,” said Steve Vaughn, Castaway Cove Park Manager. “Not having to bring the water is one of the greatest factors of why we're at $100,000.

With the addition of the new slide Pirates Plunge, attendance is up 6.5 percent, or about 4,900 people, overall. However, within the city limits, despite the end of the drought, it fell point three percent from 2014.

“Being down, here in the city, just a touch, more people might have gotten season passes this year,” said Vaughn.

 He said Castaway Cove also had new competition this year with the addition of the new Boomtown Bay Family Aquatic Center in Burkburnett. However, despite the various factors Vaughn said these reports and surveys help them figure out how to get more people to slide into Wichita Falls.

“We have a few ideas right now and we're going to go through the process this month and see where we're at,” said Vaughn.

 Although a drastic increase in numbers from last year, Vaughn said these new numbers are about average for the park.

“I hope it continues and the profits are good so that we can continue to build the park up and make it a place good for Wichita Falls,” said Vaughn.

 Castaway Cove came in this year under budget this year, according to Vaughn. That’s because they did not end up having to haul in water into park.

    Park officials plan to use some of that profit to upgrade security around the park by adding cameras around the parking lot. They have also planned for landscaping, and pool repairs.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6