Winter Weather Plow Simulator

Winter Weather Plow Simulator

Starting Wednesday, snow plow drivers who work in Wichita Falls for the Texas Department of Transportation will get a chance to train for what it's like to drive in the treacherous winter weather before it hits Texoma.

A state of the art simulator, similar to a video game, will be used by TxDOT to help drivers give a real feel for over 90 winter weather road scenarios.

"The feel and the wheel when you run over things. It's stuff like that. You actually sit in front of these screens and the screens look like the windows of a snow plow and it is a 180 degree around you so that you can see things in your peripheral vision coming at you as you are going down the road," said Adele Lewis of TxDOT.

The simulator will only be in the Wichita Falls area for about three days.

Lewis said that because of time constraints, around 24 drivers will be able to go through the simulator.

While all drivers won't have a shot at the simulator every driver for TxDOT is required to take driving courses before being certified to plow roads in winter weather conditions.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6