WFPD Now Hiring

     The Wichita Falls Police Department is in the process of hiring officers and it is not too late to apply.

     Those interested are required to take an entrance exam before they enter the police academy.

     Mark Wise, WFPD’s Training Officer said they are accepting 15 recruits for their upcoming academy.

     The Recruits must take an entrance exam that consist of a reading and writing portion and a physical fitness test, but that is just the beginning.

     After applicants have finished the civil service entrance test and physical fitness test, they will do a video assessment to test their reactions for different scenarios an on duty cop may face.

     Next, is a background investigation followed by interviews, medical screening and psychological testing.

     Officer Wise said this process is not quick and can take about three months.

     In the past, WFPD had to test an entire list of candidates before moving on to the next list, but they are trying to speed things up this time around.

            “What we've asked of our city counselors is to change that rule which they have done to where now once we've tested we have and eligibility list, and if we haven't had enough applicants we can test again before we exhaust that list,” said Officer Wise.

     Someone who is grateful for this new process is Christopher Vanpelt.     

     He said the process is lengthy, but if this is a dream of yours, it is worth it.

            “Growing up I didn't really have a whole lot, so I kind of want to give back to the people who gave to me. Why not do it the best way I can by patrolling the streets and protecting people,” said Vanpelt.

                  This attitude and commitment is exactly what Officer Wise is looking for in recruits.  

            “If you have a desire to serve your community, uphold the laws and be a part of the community in a way that you're having a positive effect on others, then this is the type of job for you,” said Officer Wise.

     Once in the police academy, recruits will train for six months before testing for their state license.

     When they officially become a police officer they will have to complete forty hours of training every two years to keep their license up to date.     

            WFPD wants to remind people that they can apply until December 6th by going to their website and clicking "Now Hiring Police Officers."

            The next police academy will start this upcoming March. For more information click here

Danielle Malagarie Newschannel Six