TxDOT Trains Snow Plow Drivers

Texas plow drivers were trained to be better prepared for the snow and ice that could soon cover roads this winter. All snow plow drivers are required to go through a four to five hour training course that helps them, keep employees and other safe when trying to make sure roads are clear and drive-able. Adele Lewis is the Public Information Officer for the Texas Department of Transportation.

"A lot of the people in this class are new this kind of realistic training gives them the experience before the first snow falls," said Lewis.

The drivers are able to use a state of the art simulator, similar to a video game, to go through over 90 plus winter weather scenarios for plowing roads in the snow and ice. Before going through the simulation training drivers are expected to go through computer courses that help them understand how to react when using their plows.

"This is training that our employees can not get anywhere else and since they are new this realistic training will help keep the public safe for the winter," said Lewis.

Alex Stovall is one of those TxDOT employees who was able to get both the computer and simulation training.

"I think with the course objectives it is important to be aware of your surroundings to be to what is going on behind you, beside you and not to be doing anything that might distract you while you are driving," said Stovall.

Ever since completing his snow plow training Stovall has said any nerves, he might have had prior to Texomas first snow fall have been replaced with confidence.

Jack Carney Newschannel, 6