Bowie Memorial: The Next Step

Bowie Memorial: The Next Step

     Bowie Memorial Hospital is one step closer to being able to reopen, giving the surrounding community a nearby medical facility.

      The Board of Trustees is feeling confident about one possible bidder, The Brough Group Hospital Physicians of America.

     Brough Group representative, Richard Mathis, met with Bowie Hospital board members to go over their proposal to purchase the hospital and it's assets Friday afternoon.

     Heller said this is a step in the right direction.

            “We are going to enter into more in depth negotiations with them to see if we can reach a point where the hospitals can make a deal with them and reopen,” said Heller.

            He also said the hospital would re-open to serve acute health care needs, and he adds an ER would be great for the Bowie community.

            “The board’s commitment is to the people in Bowie, and to provide an opportunity that is the best in many different ways for the people here,” said Heller.

     Heller said between the two bidders, Brough Group and Van Zandt, Van Zandt is not the right move for Bowie Memorial,  and it all boils down to cost for patients.

            “They don't accept assignment on third party insurance, and they bill out of network charges,” said Heller.

              Brough Group plans on purchasing the hospital's equipment too, this will make it easier for Bowie and their

potential new buyer.

     Equipment bids were scheduled to end on the 7th, but this is now on the table until the pending negotiation status is confirmed.

            Heller said he is confident in the Brough Group, because their CPA, Richard Mathis, has experience with hospitals in similar situations as Bowie.

            Heller believes in Mathis’ knowledge of the health care industry from an administration point of view, Bowie has an optimistic opportunity.

            “It's very difficult for the board to make the decision on what is best for the community, but that's what their responsibility is and that's what they've done,” said Heller.

       The CEO of Brough Group, Doctor Royce Brough, will be visiting the hospital next Friday.

     Heller wants Bowie citizens to know that if the negotiation is finalized, The Brough Group will still accept Medicaid and Medicare.They also want to hire back the hospital's previous employees.