Local Businesses Profiting From Holiday Sales

Local Businesses Profiting From Holiday Sales

Even with Black Friday and Small Business Saturday behind us, Texoma retailers are still seeing green with an influx of customers coming in and crossing items off their Christmas lists.

"It's definitely a big part of our business for the year," said Becky Lindemann, owner of the Shoe Closet.

The Shoe Closet has been a business in Wichita Falls for more than 30 years. It's a big accomplishment, especially for a small business trying to compete with big box stores.

"I think as a retailer you gear up for the holidays," said Lindemann. "Our customers know we have the items on the hit list. We try to bring in the latest and the greatest. It's been busier and busier every Christmas season for us."

It's also a busy time of year for the Music Makers Discount Shop, another Wichita Falls business that's been around for more than three decades. Owner Daniel Aguirre says the uptick in business during the holidays helps increase inventory for his store.

"It's very important not only at this time, but through the whole year," said Aguirre. "It's something every local business depends on-- local customers."

The influx of shopping revenue can carry a great weight to a stores' bottom line.

"It's very important folks keep some of the purchases here in town, not only for their own good, but also for ours too," Aguirre said. "The city depends on the local business and we all profit by it."

Officials with the City of Wichita Falls say a 2% local sales tax resulted in more than three million dollars in local sales tax revenue from December 2014. All of that money stays in the community.