SAFB Court Martial

SAFB Court Martial

     A Court Martial began Monday at Sheppard Air Force Base. Airman First Class Austin Beck is being accused of a Lewd Act on a Child and one Attempt to Entice a Child.           

     This case started with the exchange of messages between the Airman and a minor.

     Undercover agents set up a sting operation where Airman Austin Beck was led to believe he was meeting up with a minor, who he had been exchanging sexually explicit messages, texts and pictures with.

     After being taken into custody by law enforcement officers, he was taken to be interviewed.

     During the interrogation process, the prosecution says Airman Beck had admitted to communicating with the underage girl.

     Defense attorneys believe the young girl lied about her age and told Airman Beck she was 20, and add the minor did not tell Airman Austin Beck she was a minor until 200 messages were exchanged.          

     The defense does not want the interrogation video shown as evidence due to the miscommunication of the phrase, underage.

     The defense said their client used the term under age to represent a minor under 18 years old, while the prosecutors used it to describe minors under        the age of 16.

     Airman Beck's lawyers said, this will confuse the panel and misrepresent their client.     

    The video is currently being reviewed by the judge.

    The prosecution said in the interrogation video, Airman Beck admits to having a relationship with a 15 year old girl when he was 18 years old.

    Defense lawyers used the Romeo and Juliet Law to back up their client.

    This law states that a relationship is legal as long as both parties consent, and there is no more than a four year age difference between them.

    Court Martial continues tomorrow morning at 9.

Danielle Malagarie Newschannel Six