SAFB Court Martial Day 2

SAFB Court Martial Day 2

     It was day two of a Court Martial at Sheppard Air Force Base.  Airman Austin Beck faces charges of Sexual Abuse of a Child.

     Airman Beck is being accused of one charge of a Lewd Act on a Child and one Attempt to Entice a Child.

     He pleaded not guilty for both of these charges.

     The prosecution opened by showing the nine panel members the interrogation video.   

      In the video Airman Beck admits to knowing the girl was only 15 years old at the time of their communication.

      He also admits to sending sexually explicit texts and pictures to the minor.

     Defense lawyers said 450 messages were exchanged between Airman Beck and the young girl.

     The defense team told the panel members to not only focus on certain items the prosecution presents, but to look at the entire context of the messages and the case as a whole.

     The mother of the victim took the stand first, where she admitted to telling another older individual to stop communicating with her daughter. This incident took place prior to her daughter and Airman Beck’s conversations.

            On the stand she was asked by the defense team if this older person was an Airman, she insisted he was not.

    The Office of Special Investigations was questioned next.

     He said the victim's mother did admit this person was an Airman during their interview.

     The minor was then called to the stand and spoke quietly as she admitted she sent Snap Chats to Airman Beck, and also said she lied about her age on Facebook, claiming to be 22.

     She did mention she told Airman Beck she was a minor.

The prosecutors said Airman Beck responded, “So what’s the problem.”  

     The defense points out, it was not until the Office of Special Investigations stepped in, that Airman Beck find out she was only 15 years old.

      Airman Austin Beck could face jail time or dishonorable discharge if he is found guilty.

     The Court Martial will continue tomorrow morning on Sheppard Air force Base.

Danielle Malagarie Newschannel Six