Christmas Trees in High Demand

Christmas Trees in High Demand

If you're looking to buy a real fir Christmas tree this year, you may want to buy one sooner rather than later.

Ted Drummond is the owner at T&T Christmas Tree Farm in Wichita Falls and says they are almost sold out. In fact, they expect to be completely sold out by next week.

Drummond thinks the high demand is due to repeat customers who don't want to miss out on his unique style of flocked snow trees.

"We're the only ones around here who do this kind of work," said Drummond. "We sell a lot of green trees. We have a shaker that shakes all the loose needles out of them and we bag them so you don't take a bunch of trash home with your trees."

The price of Christmas trees at T&T Christmas Tree Farm are about the same as last year. Prices range anywhere from $89 for green trees, up to $249 for the flocked tree with lights.