SAFB Airman Found Guilty

SAFB Airman Found Guilty
Source: KAUZ

     A verdict has been reached in the Sheppard Airforce Court Martial of Airman Austin Beck.

     After three days in the court room, Airman Beck was found guilty for both charges of Sexual Assault on a Child.

    It took the nine members of the Court Martial Panel about an hour and a half to find Airman Austin Beck guilty.

     He is being charged with a Lewd Act on a Child and one Attempt to Entice a Child.

     Before the verdict was reached, the panel heard closing arguments from the prosecution and the defense.

     The prosecution argued Airman Austin Beck chose to communicate sexually with the minor, who was only 15 years old at the time.

     Prosecutors also mentioned when the young girl told Airman Beck she did not want him to get in trouble he replied, “I won't get in trouble if you don't tell."

     During the defense's closing statement they said Airman Beck had no idea the girl was 15 until investigators stepped in.

            The Office of Special Investigations sent messages from the victim’s phone to Airman Beck.

            One of those messages said, “I am a minor Austin,” but Airman Austin still wanted to meet up with the victim.  

      Prosecutors stressed Airman Beck was willing to meet up with who he believed to be the young girl on Sheppard Airforce Base, but instead would come face to face with the Office of Special Investigations.

            Investigators said when airman beck was apprehended he said "I am sorry," but for the panel sorry does not seem to be enough.

            The Prosecutors said this kind of behavior does not represent the Air Force or the United States Military, and the victim’s mother agrees.

            While on the stand the victim's mother said she expected more out of someone in the military and Airman Austin Beck’s actions made her sick.

     Sentencing for Airman Beck will begin tomorrow morning. He could be facing jail time, dishonorable discharge and may have to register as a sex offender.

Danielle Malagarie Newschannel Six