Pets for Presents

Pets for Presents

     With Christmas just about two weeks away many people are finishing up holiday shopping. While drones, and TV’s are big ticket items, a lot of people are searching to add a new member to the family.

 However, there are many factors that should be considered before buying a new puppy for a friend or loved one.  Adopting a pet means spending a lot of money, time and patience on them, something that can be forgotten during the gift giving season.

 “Surprising your children or a loved one on Christmas is great as long as it’s talked about earlier,” said Cheryl Miller, Executive Director at the Wichita County Humane Society.  “There’s nothing wrong with it as long as you've done your research and you’re serious about owning your pet.”

Every year families rush to put a new family member under the tree in December, but come January and February officials see an influx of pet surrenders, according to the Wichita Falls Animal Shelter.

“I think they should look at the long term commitment you don't get a dog for a few months and then you're done with him,” said Miller.

You should take into consideration the expense, time, and patience it takes to care for a new pet. While puppies and dogs can be fun and smart, dogs do have their own personalities. It’s another factor that should be considered before adopting.

“Even if you get a mixed dog, if they say ‘oh it’s a Boxer Lab mix,’ research both of those breeds because it’s going to have those characteristics.”

While shelter pets make for a great addition to the family, you should make sure you're ready for the commitment

“You not only save one life, you save two,” said Miller. “One, the dog you adopt and then they can fill that kennel up with another dog that’s waiting.”

Just like there are Christmas trees around town for children in need, there are also Christmas trees for animals in need. If adopting a pet is too much to handle you can donate supplies or donate money to be set aside for a certain pet of your choosing.

 If you still think a Christmas adoption is for you, you can head to the Wichita County Humane Society website, or browse the animal selection from the Wichita Falls Animal Shelter.
Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6