Bowie Hospital: The Next Step

Bowie Hospital: The Next Step

     Bowie Memorial Hospital board members met with the hospital's potential new owner Friday. His name is Dr. Royce Brough.

     The Brough Medical Group is now one step closer to calling the hospital their own.

     The next step is having attorneys from both parties draw up the contract and counter-proposal.

     Doctor Brough said his dream is to serve the community members.

     “My philosophy is real simple, if you work hard and you serve the people, specifically the patients, ultimately you will succeed,” said Dr. Brough.

      In order to do this, he plans on opening an ER, bringing in a pediatrician and more surgeons.

            “Small hospitals can’t afford both an ER doctor and a hospital, but this is going to be a fully fledged hospital," said Dr. Brough.

     The doctor also said he wants the board to be able to walk away debt free.

            “So that the board can close down the authority equitably, honestly and so they are debt free at that time,” said Dr. Brough.

     Just how committed is Doctor Brough to serving the community?

     He said he is risking half of what he has to make this possible, and he will be on-site personally overseeing the ER.

     He adds he wants this dream to happen quickly.

            “I'm a Speedy Gonzales, I'm going to push as hard as I can to get this expedited, because the longer we leave it closed, the more difficult it will be to get it reorganized,” said Dr. Brough.

     Many Bowie residents think the reopening would be great for the community.

   “I'm thrilled I am. I hope it goes through. We need a hospital really bad,” said Donna Musik.

     Others said the timing is perfect.

     “It's right here at Christmas, and that would be the best Christmas present Bowie could receive,” said Amee Hodges.

     Not everyone from Bowie agrees. Some say they are unsure if they can trust the Bowie Hospital Board because of the past, but the board members will phase out as soon as the new ownership is finalized and their debts are resolved.

     Dr. Brough’s plan is to purchase the hospital and all of its assets, but the takeover will not be official until he signs on the dotted line.

     Lynn Heller, CEO of the Bowie Hospital Board, said they plan on going over the contracts and counter-proposal next week, and Dr. Brough's goal is to have the hospital reopen by February 2016.

Danielle Malagarie Newschannel Six